I'm a natural born artist from Salt Lake City, Utah but raised in Porterville, California. All my life I have been doing art and was always inspired by the 90's Saturday morning cartoons such as "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles." I was self taught until high school where my art teacher picked me up to be in his advance art class. He sure gave me the time to explore more of my creative side and I am super thankful for that. (RIP Mr. B.)


After high school I went to the Art Institute of Santa Monica in studies of Animation... Sadly my ambitious naive self I learn the bad news a little late that this wasn't a school where I can even use my credentials in the outside world. Now I am in debt with student loans from a school that wasn't even a school. I can't believe they came into my high school trying to recruit kids like me though I am not a kid any more. This was so wrong in so many levels. Even though I got screwed over and suckered in I am just thankful that I learned what I learned and is now currently trying my best to pay off this insane debt and continue my dream as an artist.


Tony N.